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Ace Card Chants

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Ace Card Chants

Post by TPBvirus on Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:11 am

In the anime, as you may all know, all the characters have their own chants that they say before summoning out their iconic cards. I'm just gonna release a little bit of imaginative steam and post mine on here.

"From the deepest, darkest depths of the mind, comes forth a terror unseen by human eyes. Strike fear into their hearts. i SYNCHRO SUMMON, PSYCHIC NIGHTMARE."

"The stars align to illuminate a stairway into a world unknown. A world of knowledge untapped. I summon that world's ruler to do my bidding. SYNCHRO SUMMON, THOUGHT RULER ARCHFIEND."

"Technology and the mind combine into one being who's sole directive is to bring destruction upon its foes. Pierce through their defenses and crush them. HYPER PSYCHIC BLASTER"

"When the body is consumed by the pursuit of knowledge, it is reincarnated in a hideous yet mighty form, capable of controlling the weak ones who oppose its will. OVERMIND ARCHFIEND, RISE FROM THE DEPTHS AND SHOW NO MERCY."

"Fusing together the most powerful Espers in existence. I create a new being who's knowledge is vast, who's power knows no limits, and is nigh invincible. FUSION SUMMON, ULTIMATE AXON KICKER."


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Re: Ace Card Chants

Post by Ghost-with-the-most on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:32 am

"I'm afraid that your penalty for defying Death will be most painful. I flip summon Gravekeeper's Spy to special summon Gravekeeper's Descendant from my deck, then normal summon Gravekeeper's Recruiter. Now, Descendant, obliterate the heathen's field!"

"You're not going to get rid of me that easily. By sacrificing my Gravekeeper monsters, along with Plaguespreader Zombie, I synchro summon, the keeper of your fate, Leo!"


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